Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Taiping banjir - The Aftermath

The view of Taman Sri Kota Taiping with Bukit Larut in the background. It is going to rain again! So what's new?
The flood - that's what's new!

Luckily I have my two brothers Ata and Fadhil, and my sis Aishah to help out. Without them, the cleaning would not have been done. If one were to rely on me alone, I don't think the creaking bones of mine would be able to handle it! ;-)
We were lucky as we didn't lose much except the old carpets. Most of the photo albums were untouched by the water. Thank God.
The view of the kitchen area. It was in a mess. We had to get rid of the carpet. After all some of the carpets may be older than the house or many of our siblings!
The view of the backlane a couple of days after the flash flood. Note the brownish mud layer on the street. Even that has been cleaned up by the continual rain that pours in Taiping daily.
A view of the shop area where they are still busy cleaning. Our neighbour MC Cum was telling me about how it rained heavily for nearly 3 hours at around 1 pm. The water started to rise and there was little the residents could do except close the doors to avoid snakes and the likes from entering.

The river about 50 m away from our home. Not much of a river I guess. It did swell over that afternoon I guess.

We have been staying there since 1984 (the week before bapak died), and had never experienced anything close to this.

In fact we were all born in Taiping in the 1960s, went to school there and never heard such thing as bah, banjir, flood or flash flood. As I have said earlier, it rains daily in Taiping. In fact a favourite past time of some Taiping Chinese (more like punters I guess) is to bet on when it will rain ( and not whether it will rain or not!).

The punters would always be looking towards the sky - groups on them. You can't miss them and they are normally located near the market right in the middle of town.

But Taiping is always blessed with good absorbent earth with plenty of forest and fields and of course good river and drainage system that would take all the water to Port Weld aka Kuala Sepetang. But as pointed out my friend Bro Zawi, development in surrounding area, albeit in this sleepy hollow called Taiping, the inevitable has to happen.

And it did that day.

I would call it a 50-year flood!


  1. As far I can remembered, there was flash flood twice before, once it was due to re-surfacing the road around TSK while another due to river overflow; but both floods didnt reach knee high, and only nearing to gates of our house

    This 2008 must be the highest one, expected more to come :(

  2. u dont have to wait for another 50 years for the flash flood to come again after this....the flood that hit taiping recently was probably due to the 'landasan berkembar' project that is still ongoing right now along the railway.
    it is said that the platform of the railway along jalan ayer kuning has been elevated to a higher platform..
    thus has caused the water inside the river cannot go thru that elevated platform, then the water just melimpah to the taman sri kota we just sue the contractor?????or should we just saman the state gomen?

  3. hye..orang tsk rupenye.. same with me
    my family lived in tsk for 27years but never experienced sumtin like this.. :|