Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"You only have each other"


I thought this time around with their birthdays looming (both were born in the month of July), I thought I would pay a tribute to them with this entry. Arif is now 17 and Akmal 14 on the 25th, and growing up. I could not ask for better kids than them, for that I am thankful to Him.

And with only the two of them around, I always told them that they only have each other. I know, I know, they do have cousins from both sides of the family, and they are close to many of them or more like big brothers to the rests, but I guess they know what I mean.

Oh by the way, as noted in the blog windows on the right, selamat pengantin baru to my bro-in-law and his wife. Here you have both Arif and Akmal serenading the pengantin baru.

This year we have had two weddings and in some ways I am glad that there will not be one in the next years, right, my unmarried siblings? ;-)

Anyway, even if you do, with Arif hopefully shipped somewhere for his tertiary education, it won't be easy to assemble the two brothers again for a duet.

The kis entertaining the guests prior to the pengantin arrival. Arif was mistaken as the pengantin when he appeared at the tent in his full songket baju Melayu. No, he is too young to be one, and even too young to have a girlfriend.

The last wedding we had was for my brother in law at Rawang, just after the Users' Conference, and again this blogger was in charge of music for the day, and again the kids were his victims. Like for their auntie's wedding in June, they had to serenade the couple; this time their uncle.

Arif went a step ahead this time around with his solo rendition of 'Direnjis-renjis dipilis' violin solo during the Menepung Tawar ceremony.

Now, I think it is time to get them beyond the PRamlee and keroncong repertoire, and so during the last trip to Jakarta I have gotten some more music notes on Indonesians and more English songs.

But we are waiting for someone's wedding eh?

Arif with his piano solo rendition of the lovely love song 'Winter Sonata' on the keyboard. We can't be carrying the piano everywhere, unfortunately. It would have been great if we could.

While Akmal did a guitar solo on Romance

OK, so whose wedding is next?

The sound recorded from the wedding performances weren't that great with the high noise background. So I thought I post here the practice session at home.

Tunggu sekejap guys; please don't grow up too fast!


I remember when I was 17. It was great. I know the pressure of SPM was just around the corner, but I don't remember much of that now. I guess we were then expected to breeze through, though in the end we didn't. But we didn't know any better then, so I guess 1980 was a very enjoyable year indeed, if only in hindsight!

Huh? What I am talking about here?

Never mind.


  1. Where was the wedding held in Rawang? Could have met you there... nice song to hear from the boys...orang aulong

  2. Dear Zaki, are you the Zaki I knew from my primary schoolday? I know a Zaki (Isa I think too) from my Aulong days; someone who moved to the Sekolah Menengah Izzuddin , right?

  3. Yes, Rahman. It's me. I have been trying to contact you. I got yr mom's phone no. from the internet but no one answered. I tried the email add. you supplied in TaipingTalk but I guess that one no longer valid coz you didn't reply. I managed to get in touch with some of our KE xclassmates - minus zakri- thru my searches. I now live in Bandar Tasik Puteri. 019-9491011