Thursday, September 17, 2009

Balai Polis Lenggong

I think in conjunction with the impending reunion of Class of 1975 SRJK(I) Lenggong, all other entries would be coming to a halt.

This pic is shown here as it has great values not only in the fact that the ladies were the mothers of some of my classmates, but also of interest would be the background. The background is the old Balai Polis Lenggong in 1970s, before it was dismantled and replaced by the ugly looking box 4 storey building that is common to Police Stations through out the country.

Mum, Fahmi's mum, Joe aka Atan's mum, and the last person on the right, I need to confer to Joe again.

This pic is priceless and it shows commonality between the mothers and hence the children too would become good friends.

I remember living in the quarters on the small hill in front of the police station, waking up at 5 am in the morning and admiring all the lights of the station. The house and the police station is just 3-5 mins from SRJK(I) and we could just go home for our tea break during rest period.

Hence I don't remember much about the school canteen as we seldom frequent there. Even we we later moved to the edge of town near the junction to Labit, we would be having our own bekal for rest.

Lucky for us as I just found out that the Sidek fella who ran the canteen is actually an Indian by the name (sorry need to check again) who used the name Sidek to get the contract to run the canteen.

Sorry I digress.

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