Friday, September 11, 2009

My Little Red Corvette

You know, I have forgotten about my little red Corvette until a very old friend - not to be taken literally as he still looks young, mentioned it to me when I called him a couple of moons ago.

Apparently he was a neighbour when we were at kindergarten, and were then living in Kampung Sira in Lenggong circa 1969.

Bro Joe aka Atan to me during those days apparently has a elephanic memory, not unlike the big beast itself eventhough in nature he was a small-sized guy. Yours truly on the other hand was the reverse!

Anyway, we were neighbour, we played together quite a bit then, went to the same kindergarten at the Balai Bunga Raya and of course were in the same class in primary.

I met him again after more than 20 years this week.

Digging back into the family album - here I am in my beautiful red car. Unfortunately the pic is in black and white. Just imagine that it is red OK! It was taken in front of our kampung house in Kampung Sira circa 1969.

Don't you think it is a cool car? ;-) Environmentally friendly some more. And hey, zero emission beb! The car lah, not the driver. Hahaha...

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