Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lenggong Life - A Pictorial Entry

We dont have too many pics in Lenggong, unlike when we were in Batu Gajah. I guess by then with more and more children needing attention and expenses, less can be spent on photography.

But we do have a few. In no particular order.

K Sham shying away from the camera in front of the house in Lenggong, coming back from school one day in the 70s. ONe can see the Sidek's house in the background and more importantly the Morris Minor (AD8479).
Raya in Lenggong with Kak Midah Putih, Mak Sabi, Mak, and Mak Anjang (above) and (below) KSham and Mak su in front our house. Cud it be Raya time? The bike could be mine though, hehehe.. Menyeget2 badan trying to balance the bike masa blaja kat rumah ni. By then, no more little red corvette I guess.

Kampung Sira Lenggong (above n below) - Khairi (2nd from left) is a neighbour. The rests are the Hariris.

The twins with their sister and auntie in front of the house at the Labit Junction. You can see the row of shophouses in the background. Extreme left is Pak Lasah's home. He has a shop right in front of our house.
The twins again with relatives in front of the house. (below)
Hmm..the Lenggong folks - Mak Anjang, Mak Sabi, Kak Midah putih with some of the Hariris including Mak.

Aaah Lenggong. Here I come again - after 37 years (figuratively).


  1. Lenggong, off all the sibling I am the only - to born in Lenggong. (mum told me I am supposed to be born in Taiping like others, but maybe I could not wait any longer)

    Btw, just wonder where the children of Pcik Lasah...lost contact

  2. So you were the odd one out from the rests. Masa Lgg was so far - tu yang tak sempat, esp using the old roads. Now within one hour you could be in Taiping.

    I didnt notice, but Mak says that Faizol is still running the shop there. MC Sabi I was told somewhere in Bagan Serai with her daughters (if I remember correctly what Mak told me).